Creation of  Colectivo Miss Panamá
Text and Direction by Maria Salguero
Scenography by Blanca Añón
Video by Jonathan Cremades
Lights by Marc Gonzalo
Costumes by Rocío Juárez

Premiered at Carme Teatre, Valencia_2017

Kikamori is a website where the most unusual sexual fantasies that can be imagined come true. The creator mind behind it, Kika, lives in voluntary confinement since she is unable to deal with the world that surrounds her. She has obtained a great fortune through her page in which she materializes and interprets the eccentric demands of her clients. She recreates as many characters as paraphilia her clients propose. But as she's turning forty years old, she must accomplish her  own mandate. The Neo-human, must self-extinguish, without perpetuating mankind.