Written by Frank Wedekind

Directed by Osheen Jones
Costumes by Kristen Kopp
Lights by Amith Chandrashaker
Projections by Andrew Lazarow
Sound by Eben Hoffer

Riverside Theater  New York_2012

This production of Frank Wedekind is based on the first draft of the play not performed until decades after it was written in 1892. Later, Wedekind rewrote the play into two halves and softened it to satify the censors. This later edition is more regularly performed, even today. 
Jones chose Wedekind's first attemp because it is untidy, as often the case when we attemp to say what's true. There is nothing polite about the play - no saving grace and no happy ending. On one hand Lulu shows us the parts of ourselves that we'd rather keep hidden; on the other hand, she is trying to survive and relies on her body to do so. The tension between the imagined and the real is what intrigued Jones about the story. How does our deisre for something perfect cloud our ability to see the human tragedy that is the result of our consumption?

Funny, frightening and provocative, Lulu is the tale of a young woman's attempt to survive under the glare of a male gaze. A searing critique of bourgeois society and capitalist consumerism.