__Production design

Writen by Forbes West + Guillermo Polo.
Directed by Guillermo Polo.
Cinematography by Petr Cikhart. 

Produced by Turanga Films + Forbes West Productions.
19' - Western - 2015

When a wanted cowboy lost in the desert discovers a young woman covered in blood who cannot speak English, he must quickly find a way out of their desperate situation. Soon a terrifying stranger comes out of the wastes, looking to take her away and forcing the cowboy to a make a hard choice. 


Los Angeles Cinefest (USA)
IFS Film Festival - Beverly Hills (USA)
Joshua Tree International Film Festival 2015 (USA)
Daroca&Prison Film Festival (Spain)
FICMA 6 (Colombia)
Cisterna Film Festival 2015 (Italy)
Miami Independent Film Festival 2015 (USA)
Ciampino International Film Festival (Italy)
12th Naoussa International Film Festival (Greece)
XS Puçol Short Film Festival (Spain)
San Pedro International Film Festival 2015 (USA)
The Monthly Film Festival (UK)
Wiper Film Festival (USA)
Festival de Cine al Carrete (Colombia)
Tangier International Film Festival (Morocco)
Spring Creek Film Festival (USA)
FIC UA Baja California 2015 (Mexico)
Goldensun Short Film Festival 2016 (Malta)
XVI Certamen Cine Corto Salas de los Infantes (Spain)
III Shortcup Film Festival (Brazil)